Do you want to buy a new smartphone to replace your old model and renew your tech equipment? Before drawing the credit card, ask yourself the right questions, and identify what matters most to you. Is it screen size, in-game performance, camera, battery life? Like everyone else, you would like to have the very best on the market in your hands, but in the end, it will be the price/function ratio that will determine your purchase. Because in most cases, the price still determines performance and even if the proposals of Chinese manufacturers are aggressive, this adage will not change again this year. For this Samsung phone is the best option.

1. Samsung phone Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra ticks a lot of boxes with its excellent 120Hz display, titanic performance, well-thought-out interface, and competitive photo arsenal, but to enjoy all of its elements, you have to pay the price. Despite the Samsung phone 5000 mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra displays a range that is too short compared to the competition and its form factor is not the most pleasant to handle. However, it is difficult to miss this almost irreproachable technical sheet and the immersive experience that results from it.

Galaxy A71

Jostled by Chinese competitors in the mid-range segment, Samsung phone has completely revised its Galaxy A range. After a great 2019, the Korean is back with two new models, including the galaxy a71.

Samsung phone seems to have learned lessons from the past and delivers a particularly attractive, complete and intelligently designed smartphone. So, if he saves some money on the chip, the Korean provides enough power to his Galaxy A71 for intense daily use.

He uses his know-how to integrate a very successful 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-O (with center punch) display. It is arguably among the best in its segment – and as an excellent compromise in our comparison to buy a Samsung. Enduring, the Galaxy A71 is also compatible with fast charging.

Finally, the A71 has a quadruple photo sensor , which is rare on a model sold for less than 500 euros. And Samsung is still generous since the module is composed of:

  • a wide angle: 26mm f / 1.8; 64 MP 1 / 1.7 ” sensor (1.8 µm photosites); PDAF
  • an ultra wide-angle: 12mm f / 2.2; 12 MP sensor
  • a macro lens: 25mm f / 2.4; 5 MP 1/5 ” sensor (1.12 um photosites);
  • a ToF lens: f / 2.2; 5 MP sensor

Finally, only wireless charging and an IP certification are missing. Samsung logically reserves these technologies for its premium models. But for 479 euros, these absences are quickly forgotten . It is therefore probably one of the best Samsung smartphones in our comparison in terms of value for money.Take a Galaxy A71, run it through a press and you’ll have a samsung galaxy a51 Aesthetically, the two models look like two drops of water. The A51 stands out for its more compact size and therefore its smaller 6.5-inch screen. Technically, the tiles are identical.

Under the hood, Samsung opts for an Exynos 9611 chip (Snapdragon for the A71) but the difference in performance is not obvious. Remember that the Galaxy A51 is powerful enough to take on intensive use. Only gamers will experience a little frustration with the most demanding licenses.

Like the A71, the A51 is enduring and can recharge quickly. It also incorporates a quadruple photo sensor but with slightly different objectives:

  • a wide-angle: 26mm f / 2.0; 48 MP 1/2 ” sensor (0.8 um photosites); PDAF
  • an ultra wide-angle (123 °): 13 mm f / 2.2: 12 MP sensor
  • a macro: 40 mm, f / 2.4; 5 MP sensor
  • a lens loaded with depth of field : f / 2.2; 5 MP 1/5 ” sensor (1.12 um photosites)

Overall, the A51 is just as effective in photos and video . The macro mode brings a touch of originality, as on the A71.

Finally, the A51 differs from the A71 with its size. Easier to use with one hand, it will appeal more to those looking for a more compact model. Offered from 379 euros (against 479 euros for the A71), its price could convince you. This is a great product from the Samsung range and in our review of the best Korean smartphones.


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