The choice of an Apple iPhone or a Samsung smartphone is above all a matter of taste. The devices of these brands differ considerably in terms of operating system, line-up and ecosystem. In this article, we delve deeper into the similarities and differences between Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series smartphones.

iOS: why choose Apple’s operating system?

Beyond the iPhone themselves, most of the haters of the apple brand are protesting against the iPhone operating system: iOS. iOS was launched in 2007 with the launch of the first iPhone of the name. At the time Steve Jobs had only one word on his lips: simplicity. And indeed, this is the great success to be attributed to iOS: it is a simple operating system. Too simple for geeks and hackers? Maybe, but that is certainly not the intended audience for the apple brand!

iOS is therefore particularly aimed at followers of simple and clear operating systems who are looking for an optimal user experience, without having to change parameters in the heart of the system.

Apple is better than Android on apps!

One of the big complaints made against Apple by Android users is that its application store is not diversified enough. Thus, if we compare the figures, it is true that there are only 2 million applications on the Apple App Store when the Google Play Store has no less than 4 million applications. This difference can be explained, however, by Apple’s habit of sorting out certain applications that Apple finds questionable. This is how Apple ensures that no malicious application arrives on the store in order to corrupt the devices of its users or even worse access sensitive data. A strategy paying off in view of the number of viruses identified on iOS compared to Android. We can thus say that Apple is better than Android on the question of applications and the security of its users.

Apple is better than Android when it comes to the system!

Another point much criticized against Apple by Android users, the operating system is not very ergonomic, even inflexible, in the face of users’ desire for personalization. Thus, if on Android it is possible to change fonts, change theme colors or modify the bridges between applications in use, this is not possible on iOS. And for good reason, Apple advocates exemplary stability of its operating system. On iOS, no application crashes, everything must work perfectly at the risk of spoiling the user experience. What could be the worst for the users according to Apple would be that an application crashes or that the system crashes, something which still happens quite often with Android. Finally, what do you want,

Apple is better than Android in terms of security!

One point that has surfaced in the media in recent months is that Apple has reportedly restrained the power of its users’ devices through security updates. So admittedly, this story is not totally false, but it was done for the benefit of the users, something that was never mentioned in any way during the entire media lawsuit that the media brought against the brand. Indeed, Apple regularly makes security updates to protect its users. What other manufacturer can boast of this except Google with its Pixel smartphones? No! If Apple has therefore restrained the power of some old smartphones, it is in particular because updates tended to consume a lot of batteries and that by restraining the power of applications, the smartphone could continue to function all day without any problems. So, it proves once again that Apple is better than Android, this time on the security front.

The sensitive issue of the price of Apple products …

If there is one point on which Apple iPhone is constantly criticized, it is very often that of the price of its products. Indeed, it is no secret that Apple products are expensive. Around 1500-2000 euros for their MacBook computers, up to 5000 euros for an iMac Pro, around 700 euros for an iPad tablet, and smartphones are not left out since an iPhone XS Max can now be found at nearly 1658 euros in France. An aberration for the detractors of the apple brand who find the prices completely unjustified and who consider the simple fact of spending so much money on a smartphone as absurd.

However, what detractors seem to quickly forget is that Apple is one of the only smartphone manufacturers to do in-house research and development. Apple is one of the only smartphone makers to offer devices made from recycled and recyclable materials. Apple is one of the only smartphone manufacturers to guarantee the storage of user data internally, directly on the users’ device, without going through a hidden server in Nicaragua … In short, Apple is the only manufacturer of smartphones to offer a semblance of ethics to its customers. Something very important since the Snowden affair and the whistleblower revelation that most Google, Apple, Facebook,

Paying such an amount is therefore nothing out of the ordinary, it is perhaps the price to pay to hope to see your data protected in 2018. And if you tell yourself that you have nothing to hide … C is that you are not very aware of everything you give on the internet!


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